Buzz Spring Exploration
by Brett Hemphill
Join the ADM Exploration Team as we discover and document a virgin cave located deep within the sawgrass swamps and gulf shores of Florida.
Desert Diving - Olwolgin Cave
by Richard Harris
Diving the Caves of the Roe Plain, Western Australia with Paul Hosie and Liz Rogers. These beautiful but fragile caves host numerous interesting features. Rocks covered in black bacteria, hanging roots, green tannic water are amongst the extraordinary things seen.
Cocklebiddy Exploration 2008 and 2009.
by Richard Harris
Some footage of the 2 trips to Cocklebiddy Cave on the Nullarbor Plain in Australia, featuring the dive where Craig Challen extended the end of this 6km long site for the first time in over 10years.
Sac Aktun, Grande
by Slawek Packo
We did two dives to make this video. First route was from Grande through Paso de Lagarto to Lithium Sunset and on a way back we visited Ho Tul. Second was: Grande - Paso de Lagarto - to Boschen jump
The Crystal Caves of Abaco
by Marc Laukien
Cave Diving in Dan's Cave and Ralph's Cave, Abaco, Bahamas.
In the Realm of Fangorn Forest
by Marc Laukien
Cave Diving in Dan's Cave, Abaco, Bahamas.
Dominican Republic
Cave Expedition 2009
Adventure begins as the ADM team explores virgin passages deep within the Dominican natural preserve.
CCR Ginnie Springs
The beauty of the inner passages of Ginnie Springs, Florida come alive when filled with light.
Discovery of
Sacred Waters
Adventure begins as we explore a multitude of virgine caves, deep within the Yucatan.
Yucatan 2005
Cave Expedition
Discoveries abound as our team explores over 50 new caves deep within the Yucatan peninsula
Discovery of
Free Ride Cave
The vast saw grass swamps of the western Florida coast conceal the shadowy passages of a virgin cave.
Discovery of
Maya Sacrifice Cave,
Cenote Kanun
Ancient Maya relics and human remains are discovered deep within the sacrificial pit of Cenote Kanun.
The Shaft
by Richard Harris
A trimix dive in the Shaft sinkhole near Mt Gambier, South Australia. All the lighting was off the camera and despite the use of a 200w HMI light by one of the divers, the cave is so massive that there is often nowhere near enough light!
Piccaninnie Ponds
by Richard Harris
A dive to the new deep section of Pics at 110m.
Pearse Resurgence
by Richard Harris
A dive to the Needlebender at 125m in the Pearse in NZ. Beyond here, the cave continues to at least 180m depth.
Kija Blue Sinkhole
by Richard Harris
A stunning but very remote sinkhole in the Australian Kimberley. Max depth approx 115m.
Nullarbor Cave Diving - Warbla Cave
by Richard Harris
Join Peter Rogers, Cheryl Bass, Liz Rogers, Forrest Wilson, Grant Pearce , Ken Smith and Richard Harris as they explore the rarely visited Warbla Cave in the South Australian Nullarbor.