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TEKDiveUSA 2014 Show Coverage
May 19, 2014
Author: Idee Belau


With a seemingly tangled configuration of hoses and with tanks affixed to areas of the body that new divers might never imagine, technical divers are able to undertake ambitious dive profiles taking them to deeper wreck sites, farther into cave systems, and to longer bottom-times. Bringing together the world’s leading technical divers for informative workshops and lectures, along with a variety of technical gear on display from top manufacturers, TEKDive USA conferences offer a wealth of information for all dive-experience levels from the seasoned explorer to the “technical curious”. Attendees of this year’s TEKDive USA conference, held May 17-18, 2014 on the Florida International University campus in North Miami, were treated to talks ranging from photography techniques and history-making expeditions to the latest in dive medicine theory. 


The show’s obvious appeal and marketing were aimed at technical divers; however, many of the topics presented and equipment on display also appealed to advanced recreational divers. While tech-focused topics involving Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) were offered, advanced recreational divers enjoyed presentations by and connections with industry leadership in a variety of topics: wreck diving, dive physiology, equipment for all types of advanced diving, caving techniques, dive safety, and travel opportunities to learn technical diving.

Among the variety of topics presented at this year’s TEKDive USA, underwater photography was a significant theme. Appealing to underwater imaging enthusiasts, the show offered an entertaining talk titled Filming in Extremes conducted by technical diver and Emmy Award Winner Becky Kagan Schott, an underwater cameraman for Liquid Productions, LLC.


The show also featured a panel discussion titled Stills Photography Clinic covering underwater photography followed by a lively and detailed audience Q&A session. The discussion featured professional photographers and explorers Jill Heinerth, Karl Shreeves, and Curt Bowen. Audience members to this clinic learned inside tricks to dispel backscatter, tried-and-true tips on traveling with large quantities of expensive camera gear (some of which involved rubber chickens), the best ways to correct lighting issues, and tips on getting the best results from GoPro cameras in an underwater setting.

Underwater imaging clinics and talks only scratched the surface of the photography topic at TEKDive USA. With a highly-publicized and fiercely competitive photography contest offering top prizes for winners within categories of Cave, Wreck, and Reef, photographers were encouraged to submit photo entries until mid-April, after which public voting determined the top three picks in each category. Photo contest and other award winners were announced at the TEKDive Gala dinner, held Saturday evening.


TEKDive USA 2014 convention served this year as a fundraiser for Rubicon Foundation, an organization dedicated to scientific research, exploration, and education. The convention was attended by members of the Advanced Diver Magazine (ADM) Exploration Foundation dive team and members of the organization’s Board of Directors in a show of thanks to their expedition sponsors at convention and to support the pursuit of underwater exploration at all levels.