Established in 1999, Advanced Diver Magazine & ADM On-Line is the worlds largest and longest established advanced to technical diver publication. Over the years ADM has worked countless hours and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building our readership, contacts, and world exposure.

Capturing the power of the World Wide Web, ADM On-Line is a powerful tool that reaches an unlimited number of readers from around the globe. With the increase in web technology, faster Internet speeds, and on-line readers such as the I-pad, ADM On-Line has developed our new ADM Editorial department. Unlike the hard copy publication, the new on-line editorial section easily incorporates multiple forms of multimedia such as embedded videos, quick client web links, and rotating advertisement banners.
Receive FREE Exposure through ADM On-Line
ADM On-line editorial department is always seeking new editorial material for our readers to enjoy. If you have a story you wish to submit, we will work with you every step of the way to help complete your project.

ADM On-line does not pay money for editorial submissions, but we do provide a decade of our hard work and thousands of readers to help increase the exposure you may be seeking.
How to submit an editorial:
Submitting an editorial to ADM On-Line is not as complicated as one may think. You do not need to be an award winning author, English scholar, or a professional photographer. Our professional staff of editors, designers, and graphics artist are here to assist.

First, contact us at and provide us with some details on what you wish to submit.

After we have determined if the subject is something that our readers would like, we can start the design process.
Text files required
Word document (.doc or .docx) with between 800 and 3000 words
Photo Image Files:
As many photo images as you can provide will allow us a larger variety of layout possibilities. Medium to high resolution Jpg / .png / .tiff formats are preferred. (File size from 1 to 6 megs each)
File Delivery
All files for the editorial should be emailed to Multiple files can be placed within a new folder. That folder can be “Stuffit” (windows / mac) with an application called “Stuffit”. After the file is “stuffed” attach the zipped file to an email or if the folder is too large, send it through or burn to a disk and mail to

Advanced Diver Magazine
327 Snapdragon Loop
Bradenton, FL 34212
Video Formats:
If you have created a video to be added to the editorial, please provide the url link or the embed code. Youtube or Vimeo are the preferred choice of ADM On-Line video hosts.
Layout and Design Process
The layout and design process will proceed in the following manner:
1. After all files are received it will be scheduled for layout.
2. All word documents will be sent to the editing department for grammar and spelling correction.
3. After word documents are corrected, they will be emailed back for review and approval.
4. When the layout process is started, you will be notified and provided the url link to the design page. This url page is not a live linked page and should be kept private until all work has been completed and ADM releases the url link for readers to access.
5. After the web page has been designed, photo captions can be written for the images selected and provided to ADM.
6. All photo captions and URL links will be added to the layout.
7. Up to three-banner ads can then be either provided or designed by ADM. These banner ads will be placed on the left of the article within the advertisement section.
8. Banner ads are 200 pixels wide x 450 pixels high. Jpg or gif format is required. The url that each banner is to be linked to should be provided.
Finishing Design
After all the above work is completed, you will be asked to provide the final email approval. Once this approval has been received the editorial will be live linked within ADM On-line editorial section. The new “article” will then be announced to several web forums such as,, etc…