Dos Winkel’s love of nature was instilled from birth. Growing up in a small village on the Dutch coast, with sand dunes in front of his house, Dos knew the Latin and Dutch names of many local plants and shells by the age of ten. He began photography soon after.

“Nature itself is intrinsically art; and, to me, photography is an art. The challenge of nature photography is in beautifully capturing unique moments in time. Not easy. One’s best picture is never taken. Only at the end of a career can one say, ‘This is my best picture.’ “

Dos Winkel started underwater photography in 1983. During a course he was giving (he is an orthopaedic physical therapist) on the Caribbean island of Aruba, Dos was irresistibly drawn to the magnificence of the coral reefs and their inhabitants. He was “lost” forever!

“Among the many destinations that I visit, Papua New Guinea, Raja Ampat in Papua (formerly Irian Jaya), the Galapagos Islands, and the temperate waters of South Australia are my favourites for underwater photography.”

For top-side photography, Dos and his wife Bertie, also a professional photographer, have made over one hundred trips to Africa, mainly to the Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, the eastern countries such as Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, and to the southern countries of Madagascar, South Africa, and Namibia. He loves to explore the rainforests of the Amazon countries like French Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru to photograph the spectacular wildlife.

“I don’t only take pictures in tropical seas with coral reefs, but also under water in rain forests, in mangrove forests, swamps, and in high altitude lakes like Lago Titicaca in the Andes. Recently, during one of the twelve television documentaries that were made about my expeditions, I photographed almost extinct, unique, prehistoric-looking frogs in this lake. Another thrilling adventure was photographing the incredible Leafy and Weedy Sea Dragons of Kangaroo Island (South Australia) and the rare Australian Sea Lions.”

Dos’s latest book, ANOTHER WORLD: Colors, Textures, and Patterns of the Deep, is for sale in over 50 countries worldwide, in seven languages. The publisher in the U.S. is Prestel Publishing,
ISBN: 3-7913-3435-2. This book shows real art from the sea. His work is shown in museums, art galleries, and huge outdoor exhibitions.

In May 2007, another fascinating book will come out, FACES of the DEEP, with over 100 close-up portraits of marine animals.

Dos’s photographs have been published in magazines such as Tauchen, Unterwasser, Fotografie Draussen, Naturfoto, Terra (Germany), National Geographic, Voyager, Asian Diver, Ocean Realm, Oceans Illustrated, AQVA, Terre Sauvage, BBC Wildlife, etc. Dos Winkel has won many awards in national and international photography contests, including the first prize in the portfolio category of the prestigious Under Water Photographer of the Year Competition, DIVE SIGHTS 2001.

Dos and Bertie have travelled together since 1969, visiting the remotest places on earth, not only to capture spectacular nature, but also to record the tribal people of the area — 50% of whom do not exist anymore…! With his wife, he recently published a breathtaking coffee table book about adorned tribal faces featuring tribes from Amazonia, Africa, India, Asia, and Oceania. Titled Vanishing Beauty, Prestel Publishing, ISBN 3-7913-3743-2, it will be available in the U.S. in January 2007.

Other published books:

Watercolours Bonaire
Islandcolours Bonaire
Naturecolours Curaçao
The Nature of Saba
Eye on Aruba Bonaire Curaçao, History, Culture, and Nature
Eye on St.Maarten Saba St. Eustatius, History, Culture, and Nature

"There's nothing like an expert eye to bring a subject to life. And when it comes to coral reefs, they don't come more expert than underwater photographer Dos Winkel"

BBC Wildlife Magazine

“Dos Winkel concentrates on coral reefs around the world and shows a dazzling array of mountains, crevasses and caverns – each of which may be only millimeters in size.”

The British Journal of Photography

“The underwater images of Dos Winkel reveal themselves as the work of a man who has found his nirvana in the visual rhythms of the coral reef.”

The Daily Telegraph