Paul Hosie
Cave Explorer
Northern Australia
Paul is a Perth based cave diver who continues to explore and map cave diving sites and dry caves around Western and Northern Australia. His love of caving began during his travels around the world with the Australian Navy and he quickly endeavoured to build on his scuba diving skills to enable him to explore the underwater world of caves.

Since gaining his Cave Diving qualifications in 1997, Paul found his passion exploring and mapping the spectacular caves of the Nullarbor Plain. Expanding his interest to other caving areas, Paul soon found many cave diving sites offering excellent exploration opportunities. His experiences during expeditions with many of the great Australian Cave Divers of the 90’s have cemented his position as one of the most experienced Australian cave diving explorers.

Recognition of his achievements came in 2002 when he was awarded the 2002 Technical Diver of the Year at OzTek3. Over the past ten years, Paul has been instrumental in the discovery and mapping of over 10,000m of new cave passages. This has included the exploration of some spectacular and remote cave diving sites such as Kija Blue Sinkhole in Australia's Kimberley region (ADM Issue 24/2006).

Also keenly involved in dry caving, Paul is currently the President of the Western Australian Speleological Group. In recognition of his contributions to speleology, Paul was awarded the inaugural Jeff Butt award for Exploration in January 2007 by the Australian Speleological Federation in honour of one of Australia's greatest cave explorers.

Paul is a submarine electronics engineer with the Australian Navy who also enjoys a casual dive in the ocean looking at nudibranchs and fishies!! He continues to develop his skills and use of technology, whilst at the same time encouraging newcomers to share his passion for cave diving and looks forward to many more years of exploration and adventure.

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