Jill Heinerth’s love of the underwater world began in her Canadian homeland, but her exploration of caves has taken her all over the world. Jill has received many accolades for her work including being inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame, being named Canadian Technical Diver of the Year and a Fellow of the National Speleological Society. She has received international recognition for her work as a filmmaker and has been honored with a CINE Golden Eagle, a Gold Aurora, top honors from the Explorer’s Club Film Festival as well as many other awards.

Jill is known for bringing technology to expeditions that have taken her to extreme environments including the inside of icebergs in Antarctica. She has participated in several projects with National Geographic Magazine and Television and coordinated the underwater unit for a large Hollywood feature film. Jill has contributed writing and photography to magazines all over the world including National Geographic, Smithsonian and numerous diving publications.

As one of the early explorer’s embracing closed-circuit rebreathers, Jill has been sought after as a writer, expert witness and expedition leader. She takes a special interest in the development of community-wide safety standards for the rapidly emerging rebreather market.

Jill is a Master Instructor for PADI and has consulted to DSAT on development of Technical and Trimix Programs. She is a Technical Cave and Rebreather Instructor for IANTD and is a member of the International Board of Advisors, assisting in the development and review of many technical training programs. She is a Cave Diving Instructor for NSS-CDS and teaches all levels of cave diving for that organization.

Film-making has given Jill a voice in the world of conservation. She and partner Wes Skiles created a unique independent film series called Water’s Journey that takes viewers on visceral travels through the world’s greatest water systems. These programs have also found a home in Florida’s educational curriculum, giving young people access to adventure entertainment that teaches them about protecting their water resources. Jill speaks regularly to audiences worldwide about conservation, exploration and risk management.

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