David Apperley
Cave and Wreck Explorer
Sydney - Austrailia
David Apperley’s passion is exploring underwater caves. After starting diving some 20 years ago, Dave has progressed through the Recreational and Technical Diving arena to currently hold Instructor levels in Cave Diving, Deep Mixed Gas Diving and Deep Closed Circuit Rebreather Diving. As Expedition coordinator for the Pearse Resurgence Project 1996-2003 David has been directly involved in diving into the slightly “unknown” of rebreather dives, including a Solo Cave Exploration to 130m.

At the same time as the above project David has been involved in 4 out of 5 of the expeditions to the Wreck of the R.M.S Niagara, a luxury passenger liner sunk in WW2 with 8 tones of gold bullion. This has culminated in Dave being Project Leader on the “Niagara 2003 Survey Project” which involved the organization and planning of putting six of some of the worlds most experienced Deep wreck divers onto the Niagara site. Logistics and planning for these extreme depth explorations is currently David’s focus. In 2003 Tanya Streeter, world record free diver, employed him to lead a group of safety divers to the British West Indies to act as support for the world record attempt. While Support Team Leader, David also acted as deep-water support for Tanya on her 160m dive, diving inn excess of 150 meters.

Throughout his rebreather deep diving career, David has realized the limitations of single rebreathers and the need for more efficient redundant systems. This has meant he has built and extensively tested a fully redundant closed circuit rebreather at extreme depths. In an on-going project, David hopes to one day be able to contribute a compact, lightweight, fully redundant rebreather to the technical / recreational diving market, the current version being a working sidemount rebreather tested to 120m.

He is an Instructor with TDI and was recipient of the inaugural “OZTeK Diver of the Year” award in 2000 for his RMS Niagara & Pearce Resurgence explorations. His is a founding member and one of the lead exploration divers with the Sydney Project and continues to explore the deep caves & wrecks of Australia & New Zealand.

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